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NTV Best Artist 2011

I'm watching Best Artist 2011 via KH. But KH is really getting on my nerve right now (keep lagging) and i think i just watching the wrong channel haha. This morning i just realized kai kun (anime) was aired on Astro ceria on channel 611. The anime is just so-so for me. Since i still not watch the drama, should i start watch it?

Now, i really think, Astro should include NTV, FTV, TBS in their package, bleh

Arashi performs

2)Love rainbow
3)Meikyu love song

Here I come (>.<)

I will travel to east Malaysia alone for few days before come back home on Saturday. I feel so happy and excited now and I still not purchase my ticket yet ( I want to go by bus)or plan where to go or how to spend my time huhu.

I just decided this out of the blue. But one sure thing, I want to go to the white sandy beach which I can see the crystal clear blue sky when I wake up in the morning and vivid sunset in the late evening before I go to bed, cheesy haha. I can spend whole day walking leisurely along the coastline there.

Before I forgot, it's better to list down my lotion and sunglasses as must-bring-items. Ja ne!


I purchased my ticket already. I just need to be sure not to go swimming on the beach or else (huhu, how come i can forget about the monsoon season in the early december, paka!!!).

By i still wanna go to the beach. See ya around..

I just hope my coursemates will not notice my MIA for two consecutive days haha

(p/s-i will use school/university terms interchangeably, but i prefer to use school term even more ;p)


Aibaby and junjun

I just noticed that aibaby and junjun always (not every time) taking photos side by side. That is their bond, I guess.

Yay!!! It's confirmed!!!

I'm feeling so happy right now!. I want to post a happy news i read at yamakaze san's twitter just now. Oh chan and yui chan (Aragaki yui) will be paired in 'I won't kidnap anymore' drama SP next year. I love gakky as well and this will be so perfect. In the mezamashi oh chan and yui chan got a similarity, that is not a morning person. Oh chan still can turn it as a joke saying that they will be in a great team because of that. That's why i love riida. I just hope this SP will get a good review and become a serial drama.

Random is random

24th Dec every year: christmas eve

24th Dec starting this year: christmas eve+Aibaby's birthday (Double happiness)
I don't know how depressed i'm with LJ today, huhu.I don't want to talk about that, LJ should know it themselves. Ok, i watched the raw clips about the promotion for Tokio x Arashi new year SP. Since i watched raw clips, what's below are the things from what i watched.

I watched four clips altogether, ZIP, Sukkiri, PON and another one clip is named under japanese language, so i don't know what is that. All of them contains promotional? clip for that program both from Tokio (black tuxedo) and Arashi (white tuxedo).

From the clips that i watched, Tokio members together with their guests (i tthink the expert ones) did unbelieavable things. For examples, trying to shoot moving pizza from afar, throwing pizza by hand from balcony to balcony, trying take something on the plate by motorcyle. Meanwhile, for Arashi's Anishi, it is their usual Anishi program. But i think it looks
more fun, because from what i read, they will invite two special guest (whom Arashi members themselves have no idea who it will be).

From what i read for the last year SP, the shows are the continuos shows both from Tokio's programme (The Ultraman Dash?) and Arashi's show (Anishi). The length of the show was 5 and half hours.3 hours for Tokio's
show and then Arashi's AniShi finished off their show for 2 and half
hours. But i really don't know if the concept still the same like the
last year coz i could not understand Japanese.

But i really feel happy for Aibaby, i know how happy he is when he meets his idol, Tokio.

Raw files: toku_betsu and mi_chan
Finally i succeed to put up my first official header image, and it's Aibaby, huhu. Only god knows the technicality difficulties i faced to put one there. From overhaul my custom layout to find the suitable layout that can support the header image and find the suitable tutorial for that specific custom layout. I need to thank my google lord and also ulga, coz i took aiba's pic from her minitokyo. Thank you so much.

Demo, as i tried scrolling down to get to my entries, i need to stay put with the height of my header image a.k.a aibaby's smexy body, huhu. I feel jealous right now, actually crazy mixed emotions, haha. It is ok until i find Arashi, as one group picture, i will use my current offical header image a.k.a Aibaby smexy photo.

Because of the copyrighted issues and all,i think i need to come up with my own Arashi banner. I mean, from magazine scan that i did myself.

Thank you

I would like to extend my appreciation and thank you to ulga from minitokyo which i took one of her image (Aiba Masaki picture) as my header image for my lj account.

I have sent comment on your minitokyo (mine is sweethoney4eva) about to take that image. Thank you.


As far as i like? love? obssessed? (haha) about Aibaby, i wish for his happiness. I wish he would meet his's other half and be happy. I once promised to myself not to go deeper than being a fan girl of him, but i think i've broken the promise already.

Huhu, what is this?!!!. So out of the blue!!. But, i love my randomness. Haha.

Books for kodomo :)

This is not my newly added addiction, but i really attracted to creative writing. I'm focusing on one narrow aspect (not-so-creative-mind of mine, haha) that is children book. I, the 19 years old grown-up girl, really love to read those books for kids. Any kind of book, as long as it was written for that group, i would not hesitate to read.

I think maybe it is simple and can be easily understood, or maybe it allows my mind to fantasy about anything, no limit, no boundary, i can go as far as i want, without feeling guilty about being an adult, and how it makes me to think out of the box, generates spectacular, horrid ideas, maybe that are the reasons why i'd love them.