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I can't believe it's been two years already after I last post on my lj. Was I too busy with RL? Kind of. But the most important thing is that, I renounced this fandom two years ago. Because of what? I had lost interest in arashi, arashic, anything related to them, because its just time consuming and I can't give that.

But suddenly, since a week ago, I started to coming back, checking other lj for something dl. I visited plotboxes lj to search for movies dl. Then I started to post comments on jun's new dorama shitsuren chocolatier (heartbroken chocolatier) on other blog using my lj community; and I realized on how much I missed 嵐。 so my soul started coming back, my Yamakaze. But I don't expect myself to start all over again checking everything I've missed since I left this fandom. I just casually picking up from this points. So I missed a lot about their hyped singles, arafes, movies and doramas. Maybe I just know a little bit here and there about jun's. others; wakarimasen.

Love and interest on something surely can't be forced, because they are the natural feelings. So I won't force myself giggling on tumblr browsing their pics or nosing everything about them. I just hope they do well as much as I hope I do well too. Everything about fangirling is one's convenient. Don't follow others yo!

By the way, congratulating me since I just landed a new job *wink2*. I'm planning to go to Japan.so work hard everyone. Life is hard, so we must be happy ne!!