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Well done :)

Hi, i'm back :) when i checked my friends pages just now, OMG, we are celebrating Aibaby's month right now. It starts with the count down to the Dec 24th first.

Thanx a lot for toku_betsu, i'm downloading the +act now. Aiba is just freaking awesome there. There are also a lot of short clips and news about Aiba's visit to Taiwan and HK for the movie premier of animal documentary film that he narrated (i had the slightest idea Masami Nagasawa narrated for that film also) . The film is Japanese islands, stories about animals. I read at yamakaze, this film will be released in two months time, it means, february next year. I know i can't hope Malaysia will show this film (as far as i could remember, i hardly seen any japanese movie in Malaysia. Why?).Wow, lucky fans that could watch him live-in-person (those who waited at the airports :)). I just wondering, did the film production team promote in Taiwan and HK only?. Will they promote to other countries as well?. (I think they went to Taiwan and HK because Taiwan and HK helped Japan during the earthquake?. I don't know it is true or not but if i wrong, feel free to correct me).

Still butthurt watching those fan cam of Aiba's arrival and departure's videos and the photos too (i'm still staring at them, haha). I feel so happy aiba is working so hard for this movie and i really hope it will be well accepted too. It must be good listening to his soothing voice while watching those amazing animals ne. I still torn apart on choosing the official character that i like for this documentary. I really like kitakkuma, but i also like konkochan and uribonbon there, haha.I think i will stay with kitakkuma coz he just adoringly cute.

Aiba did a great job there. I'm so proud of you bb.


I can't help but haunting all his pictures when he was in Taiwan and HK. But i also can't help with fans that cried when they couldn't see him at the airports. I dont know what i will do if i'm at their place. One more thing with fans that went overboard with violating the traffic rules when chasing aiba's vehicle, and most importantly, OTHER PEOPLE'S SAFETY ON THE ROAD WHILE DOING SO, is the most selfish kind.